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Cool room decor ideas | Gift A Place

Cool room decor ideas | Gift A Place

Cool Room decor ideas? Go ahead perusing the content penned down here on special best creative wall decor ideas. The wizard of Oz had said,“There is no place like my home." And this is why we must leave no stone unturned to make our home look as beautiful, exhilarating, and replenished as possible. Using even paints excessively, printing, or applying photographs may not be of effective enough looking monotonous. So we must decorate our walls adhering to any one of the top 10 creative wall decor ideas as listed down.

10 unique wall decor ideas

Here is our list of top 10 wall decor ideas:

1) Ladder shelves:

Different types of ladder shelves can be used from modern to rustic chic. Ladder shelves can be best organizing ideas for our miniature nursery plants and even our books and art pieces. Ladder shelves are the excellent attestation where you can marry functional storage with artful designs. They are not only affordable and efficient but also make a space feel brilliant and more voluminous.

2) Wallpapers:

Wallpapers are among the best DIY wall decor ideas 2020. They can be used for styling up your room walls to look more empathetic. Nowadays, the trend is getting your customized wallpapers designed to relate to it every day. People are treasuring up their beautiful, cherishable memories on wallpapers. Places where they were born, where they got married, their first childbirth, etc. on wallpapers. Even with the wallpapers, you can use additional wall decorations such as photo frames to complement the design.

3) Travel wall decor ideas:

Many of us are travel people, and our minds keep wondering which place we want to go next. Treasuring those memories in the form of postcards, photos, souvenirs collected from our destination places can be a unique idea for decorating our wall. Even travel maps used for locating and finding out different places can be used as a customized decorative artwork. Other travel wall decor ideas can include chic canvas photo gallery wall, world map cork photo board, world traveler memento box, etc.

4) Calendar wall:

A huge Lucile calendar can turn a blank wall into an organizational tool. A Calendar helps in planning future events and keep track of appointments. Calendar walls are an innovative trend in wall decors.

5) Music wall decor ideas:

It involves creating dozens of cubby holes in cupboards of walls and then putting a tidy collection of music sheets. We can also decorate the walls with music notes, either in printed form, wooden form, or watercolor design forms. Some people use lighter musical instruments to hang up on their bedroom walls such as flute, mouth organs, etc.

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6) Combination of minimal and modern:

Mirrored art is both appealing and catchy to eyes. It complements both office and home decors equally. Mirrors are both pretty and functional and easily available in styles such as decorative sunburst mirror, mid-century style sunburst mirror, black decorative mirror, multicolor flower-shaped mirror, blue petal mirror, to name a few. A combination of simple and textured lights and mirror art can also be utilized to make the look more stunning and beautiful.

7) Fireplace and mantel decorating:

These are contemporary but yet functional and useful décor ideas. A Layered look can be tried in which simple layering of several empty frames of various sizes can be used to keep on the frame of the mantel. This look can be completed with a few accessories such as greenery, flower pots, or even a vintage photo frame that can be used. For getting a personalized outlook, we can even use a bold contemporary painting. Hanging a mirror on the fireplace in the middle and decorate it with sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a large flower pot in front, which can even be transparent.

8) Pegboards:

Pegboards are a new addition to best wall art ideas, adding a fresh look to your large walls. Pegboards have a regular pattern of small holes for pegs; installing a pegboards system is a quick way to encourage organization and increase the available space. Pegboards are an easy and inexpensive and flexible way of organizing your home or workplace.

9) Shelves:

Shelves are a great way to display art or antique pieces. With the help of shelves, we can also create an indoor type of vertical or horizontal garden display. Different styles of shelves such as corner shelves, floating shelves, modern cube wall space, kitchen wall rack shelves are in trend.

10) Architectural trim work:

Architectural trim work can be used to cover the seams between the ceiling and the walls. Trim work also happens to serve the aesthetical goals, which give the room a distinctive character. Projecting different lintels over the windows and doors of our rooms. Architectural trim work converts a simple painted wall into an actual space, which is exciting to look and live.

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