About Us

About Gift A Place

Memories, whether happy or sad, are the real wealth of a person. At Gift A Place, we believe in cherishing memories. That’s how we began with a simple yet unique idea. We are inspired to create a platform to register memories associated with a place. Gift A Place is to value every relationship and spread happiness. Our success is rooted in customer satisfaction, transparency, commitment, integrity, and in all circumstances, and staying creative and professional.

What We Do

Gift A Place is a map of all your favorite places. We let our customers select their favorite place and register it in their name or someone else's to whom they wish to gift it. You can register the place in your name or in the name of your loved ones.

We let our customers customize the certificate so that our customers can enjoy a perfect gifting experience. We not only save the memories of our customer's favorite place but also gift happiness.

By clicking the Buy Now option, you're buying a space in our database based on a unique algorithm. Therefore, after paying a small price associated, you get access to our database and register your name in it.

Naming a place is easy: Choose a location from Google Map, which you want to buy/gift. Next, fill out the form & choose or design yourself a certificate. Add it to your cart and provide your shipping information and methods. After checking out & paying – congratulations – you're done!

Through our unique software, you can search for your favorite place, give it your name and make it yours forever! If a place is on the world map, then you can permanently register the place with the Gift A Place database. It can be the hospital where your child was born, the place where you first proposed to your soulmate, or the place you and your friends had a trip of your lifetime. So register your favorite place now and get a gift certificate with a unique ID as the registration proof. Since we follow the First Come First Serve rule, you might lose the chance to register your favorite place to someone else.

The best place to buy is a place associated with your memories. It can be anywhere near you to any location, far away from where you cannot reach. Gift A Place is where you save your memories associated with a place and send a gift to your loved ones.

Why Gift A Place

Our values guide us in our day to day activities and the key decision we make from the team of people we hire to products and services we sell. We are an independent company that understands the value of every relationship. We believe in transparency, commitment, self-improvement, integrity in all circumstances, and staying creative along with process-oriented.

The carefully created proprietary algorithm of Gift A Place makes it unique among other personalized gift platform. We also issue a hologram and QR code to make it easy for you to access the website and a unique ID as a registration proof that is easy to remember. We understand that some places rank higher in value based on their popularity and significance. Such places are classified into Exotic Places. Gift A Place is a trusted and genuine brand.

We don’t want to be just another seller of personalized gifts. Our primary focus is on our customers. We hear you, and we are ready to go the extra mile to solve any and all your issues.

We have only one way of working: your way and a passion for a revolutionary gifting experience.